Each district implementing the BCAMSC Science Units will need to have the following plans in place prior to purchasing the program:

District Requirements

Materials Refurbishment Plan

When you purchase the BCAMSC science kit curriculum it is important to develop a district-wide refurbishment plan. The plan should include organizational procedures whereby science kits are inventoried and materials ordered to maintain the integrity of each individual science unit. Assignment of staff members responsible for the ordering and replenishment/refurbishment of the science kits is a key component of this plan. A three to five year budget should be in place for on-going support of science materials and refurbishment.

District Professional Development Plan

Professional Development is a mandatory component of the program. Each teacher teaching a unit must receive a full day of PD for each unit of instruction. Teacher changing grade levels or new to the district must receive PD as well. Therefore, a three to five year plan that includes initial PD and on-going PD for staff changes must be included. Districts are encouraged to work with BCAMSC staff to develop their own on-site trainers. Please contact the Center for assistance with your plan. 269-965-9440

Curriculum Implementation Plan

The plan for full implementation must be in writing and must be either one, two, or three year plans for full program implementation. Kit titles and all annual costs for each year must be included.