Admission to Grades 10-12

Do you want to become a full time student?

Students wishing to apply for admission to the Center for entrance after 9th grade may do so. Each applicant will be evaluated on an individual basis. Contact our office to discuss this process.

Non-Center Students Requesting Part-time Center Elective Coursework Procedure:

Non-Center students requesting to take part-time elective courses at the Center will be allowed to do so with permission of the home school Superintendent and the Center Director. The following criteria will be used in determining student eligibility:

  • Center courses requested must not be offered at the home school. Exceptions made need Superintendent and Director approval.
  • Students must be in 11th or 12th grades.
  • Students taking advance coursework must have completed the general study course for the subject prior to admission into Center courses (chemistry prior to advanced chemistry, biology prior to genetics, etc.)
  • Students must have received a grade of “A” in the general course taken in grades 9 or 10 that apply to the advanced elective requested.
  • Letters of recommendation from a counselor and math or science teacher are necessary.

Elective courses will be filled with full-time Center students first with additional openings made available to non-Center students. These additional openings will be communicated to all districts as soon as they become available and seats will be filled by qualified students on a first come, first serve basis. (priority will be given to students from member districts)

*Transportation to the Center is the responsibility of the student.