BCAMSC Alumni News

If you have any information about the topics listed below, we would be most appreciative if you could respond. 

-- What college(s) you/your graduate attended after graduation
-- Any big accomplishments by your student (ie research, internships, work) either in high school or college so far
--Any scholarships earned their senior year of high school.
--Any notable research your student is currently working on in college

Please email any of this information that you would be willing to share to our counselor, Mrs. Linda Barnett, at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thanks in advance for your time!

2015 Alumni

Hi Mrs Barnett,
My son Jackson Kiess is a 2015 BCAMSC Alumni, and he's currently attending Olivet College, majoring in Forensic Chemistry.  He's a member of Olivets' Gruen Chemical Society, and they recently competed quite successfully in an annual Battle of the Chemistry Clubs competition so we're pretty excited about the achievement!  I wondered if it would possible to post the update below to the 2015 Alumni section of the Center's website?  I know Jackson would love to share what he's been up to since graduation.  Please feel free to edit the posting as you see fit.
Thank you!
Lori J.Kiess
Congratulations Jackson Kiess
Attending Olivet College, Jackson Kiess is a member of the American Chemical Society/Gruen Chemical Society, and part of the team who took 4th Place in the 10th Annual Battle of the Chemistry Clubs on January 28, 2017.  A personal best for Olivet College, they competed against more than 80 student ACS members, representing 12 colleges and universities from around the state. Jackson is a Junior, majoring in Forensic Chemistry, is a member of the Olivet Global Citizens Honors Program and a recipient of the Board of Trustees Scholarship.


2012 Alumni

Congratulations Joey Longstreet

It was recently announced in the Harvard Crimson that Joey Longstreet recently directed a Freshman Musical.

2011 Alumni

Congratulations Ryan Krusinga

Ryan Krusinga recently was awarded a couple of honors from University of Michigan.  He received the 90th Honors Convocation as a three term Angell Scholar (meaning he received all "A's) and by the Mathematics Department by being voted for the Evelyn O. Bychinsky Award. (April, 2013)

2010 Alumni 


Congratulations Branden Harris

Branden will be graduating from Hillsdale College in May of 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics.


2009 Alumni


2008 Alumni


2007 Alumni




2006 Alumni

Leslieann Dowell Earns a Criminal Justice Degree
Leslieann earned bachelor's degrees in Criminal Justice-Criminalistics and Forensic Chemistry from Lake Superior State University.

Steven Glazer Works on Major CGI Movies!

Steven attends Rochester Institute of Technology and is on track to earn his BS and MS degrees in Computer Science with a minor in Environmental Studies and concentrations in American Sign Language and Computer Graphics. His graduate work is focused on Mobile Applications of Augmented Reality. He holds a 3.97 GPA and has been awarded the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award. Steven has worked for a total of 1.5 years at Sony Pictures Imageworks in Los Angeles, CA as a Senior Production Services Technician on movies such as 2012, Zookeeper, Open Season 3, and more. His work there includes writing software and small scripts to increase workflow and reliability of image processing, managing renderfarms, storage space, and working with production and artists to make sure that the priority work gets done on time.

2005 Alumni

Congratulations Nathan Klein
Nathan_KleinAs a Kellogg's Food Technologist and part of a development team, Nathan recently brought his first product to market. While Kellogg's has long since has Frosted Mini Wheats, variations have been developed. Nathan helped develop the "Touch of Fruit" variety of Frosted Mini Wheats. Be sure to look for it at your local grocer. Way to go Nathan!

Congratulations Sheeba Joseph, Class of 2005
Ms. Sheeba Joseph's (class of 2005) summer research at Michigan State University in 2004 is published in the recently released November 2005 National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools in Mathematics, Science & Technology (NCSSSMST) Journal, Vol. 11 Number 1. The research title is Effects of pH, Temperature, And Carbon Source Galdieria sulphuraria Growth, And Chloroplast Genome Determination.

2004 Alumni

Congratulation Alysia Robertson,
Alysia will be graduating in May, 2013 from Morehouse School of Medicine and has already been matched for Residency at Baylor College in Houston, Texas.

2003 Alumni

Jenny Porter

As of February, 2013 Jenny is a Graduate Research Fellow at Columbia University. She is working towards her PhD in Psychology with a focus on Social Cognitive Neuroscience.

2002 Alumni

Tim Hirzel Joins Law Firm, Class of 2002
Timothy Hirzel will join the law firm
K L Gates, LLP as a patent prosecution attorney. He graduated with a Juris Doctorate from the Chicago-Kent College of Law and was admitted to the State Bar of Illinois.

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